If you read a few of my posts you’ll soon see I have a somewhat..fractious relationship with running. One thing that is consistent is taking part in races, because what more motivation do you need than a shiny medal and an oversized t-shirt?

My race times so far:

May 2012  Great Manchester Run 10km 1h13

July 2012 Race For Life 10km 1h8

May 2013 Edinburgh Half Marathon 2h16 *PB*

September 2013 Great North Run 2h32

October 2013 Eden Project Half Marathon 2h43

September 2014 Truro Half Marathon 2h31

May 2015 Imerys Half Marathon 2h30

February 2016 Cornwall Fire & Rescue Half Marathon (Bodmin) 2h46

March 2016 The Big Run (Camel Trail) 17.4 miles 3h10

April 2016 Greater Manchester Marathon 5h51

August 2016 Indian Queens Half Marathon 2h28

November 2017 Leeds Abbey Dash 1h09

September 2018 Truro Half Marathon 2h30