February – a recap

We're already a week in to March so my resolve to write more this year is..not going so well. I have lots of ideas though so surely that counts for something! February flew by, the joy of a short month, and we're now racing towards Easter terrifyingly fast. On the one hand, yes please hurry … Continue reading February – a recap


January – a recap

January is over, hooray! The longest month, but we made it through. In an attempt to be a bit more regular at posting on here, I've decided to do monthly recaps. Hopefully it will also remind me at the end of the year of everything that has happened! So in January, I... Played 1 netball … Continue reading January – a recap

Looking forward, making plans

2018 brings me the dubious honour of turning 30 and although the idea fills me with dread, I do at least have another 11 months to get my head round it. The year is already filling up with weddings and trips and fun things and dull things and there's just so much I want to … Continue reading Looking forward, making plans


Moments from 2017

2017 was a huge year because we finally got married! But that wasn't the only thing that happened - here's my reflections on the past 12 months... The best thing I did...was get married! 'Best' doesn't feel like the right word for it, but it was obviously the highlight of my year/life, with 16 months … Continue reading Moments from 2017


Honeymooning in Croatia – part 2

So on to the fun stuff! We went with not too many plans, other than exploring Dubrovnik and getting on the water somehow. Thanks to our incredibly generous wedding guests, we were able to do much more than my frugal holiday budgets would usually allow, so we tried to make the most of all the … Continue reading Honeymooning in Croatia – part 2


Honeymooning in Croatia – part 1

Croatia has been on my holiday wishlist for a long time and I don’t remember exactly what it was that first sparked my interest, but I can thank the location scouts for Game of Thrones for helping me convince Paul that it was the place that we should go for our honeymoon. After initially planning … Continue reading Honeymooning in Croatia – part 1


Hello, life

Oof, long time no see. I'm writing posts but not finishing them, leaving them languishing in the drafts folder until they gather digital dust and I can't remember what the point of them was... Since I last posted, I've been busy! My least favourite state, but this is a busy period of life. We managed … Continue reading Hello, life