The Sun Is Often Out

The past couple of weeks have seen a rash of posts across my social media feeds from brave friends raising awareness of mental health. From depression to anxiety, eating disorders to OCD, there are few people who can get through life without suffering in some way, be it temporarily due to various situations we find … Continue reading The Sun Is Often Out


Ring-around the Roseland

It’s too easy to stick to what you know, and we’ve found in particular that we go to the same stretches of coastline time after time. While it’s nice to know the Portreath - St Agnes cliffs like the back of your hand, there is so, so much to Cornwall that we have yet to … Continue reading Ring-around the Roseland

A day on the Helford – Glendurgan Garden and more

Our household is in a period of austerity, as we attempt to adjust our lifestyles to fit our cloth (is that the phrase?) and adjust to living on one-and-a-bit salary while Paul goes back to college. We’ve been quite good at balancing things so far this year and have managed to stash away a decent … Continue reading A day on the Helford – Glendurgan Garden and more


Marathon training – 6 weeks to go

I've got a good week's training for you, what a shocker! After last week's half marathon I was pretty sore, especially in my quads (thanks hills) and hips, as well as just general muscle fatigue, so I started the week with a couple of treadmill miles, followed by a fantastic 4 miles on Thursday. Some … Continue reading Marathon training – 6 weeks to go


Let’s start at the very beginning…

It was early 2013 when I was browsing through job listings, looking for something to move on to as I was coming to the end of an internship. Out of curiosity I had a little look at a college I knew was near to my brother, in Cornwall. Lo and behold, there was a vacancy! … Continue reading Let’s start at the very beginning…