Hello, again

Hello. The last time I posted on here was early last year, when I was struggling with a foot injury and moaning about what this meant for me if I could no longer call myself a ‘runner’.

Well, how the world’s changed. Covid-19 aside (there’s a whole other blog post), here’s what I’ve been up to since February 2019…

  • Stopped running, started again and signed up for a marathon
  • Trained for, but did not run, a marathon
  • Won ‘most improved player of the year’, and promptly quit netball
  • Ran another 2 half marathons, one through Storm Dennis
  • Went to a rave in a cathedral
  • Waved my husband off on a month long trip around Ecuador and the Galapagos
  • Saw Underworld in London and The Rifles in Manchester
  • Performed on stage in a musical, for the first time in 17 years !
  • Dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld for Halloween
  • Celebrated a friend’s wedding and a brother’s engagement!
  • Went to Edinburgh, Dundee, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Pendle, Bakewell, Zakynthos
  • Cut all my hair off, dyed it red, grew it back and dyed it blonde again
  • Celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary

And I think that’s about it. So now we’re all caught up, let’s try and stay in touch more regularly, hmmkay?

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