March – a recap

I suppose the fact that it’s taken me until the 21st of April to get this recap of March together shows that perhaps, it wasn’t the best month, and April has felt like a bit of a whirlwind. So here’s about everything I can remember:

  • The Falmouth half marathon got cancelled. Because of the snow, which eventually started falling in the afternoon. Unlike many others, we did not go and run the distance anyway, and instead wrapped ourselves up and walked 3 miles to the pub. And then back again several hours later, through the snow and feeling very festive.
  • Rain only 24 miles in the whole month, wah wah.
  • Peaked too fast, too soon on Easter chocolate and again, have yet to regain my mojo on the whole ‘balanced diet’ thing…
  • Got a fringe cut in
  • Visited the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre
  • Spent an enjoyable afternoon avoiding the rain and exploring Miss Molly’s vintage emporium. A bizarre converted house that is absolutely packed to the rafters with all sorts of ..old stuff. Our highlights were a fox stole and beaver fur jacket, a full 1970’s living room suite, and some rather glamorous brandy bottles.

I’m sure some more stuff happened but at this point honestly who knows.

We’re now solidly into spring and the weather has finally caught up with a few days of glorious sunshine that have put us all in good spirits. Now if only it could hang around for another..six months or so, that would just be perfect.


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