On weekends, and ‘leisure time’

I have a love/hate relationship with weekends. I love not being at work. Like, really love it. Pretty sure in another life I’m the housewife of a banker or something, perfectly content to potter and fill my days doing whatever, whenever. However, this is the capitalist hellhole of the 21st century and so I spend the best part of my life sitting in an office, leaving me with evenings and weekends to do the rest of ‘life’. So that’s where the hate part comes in; in those precious 2 days I’m overwhelmed with the feeling that we should be Making The Most Of It and exploring, being out and about, getting fresh air, seeing friends, visiting cafes and beaches and whatever else. But then there’s everything else that needs doing: the cleaning, the food shop (the dread), the exercise and the life admin. And that’s without any weekends away, up north or visiting family or holidays.

Basically there’s a lot that goes on in my head, which leaves me with the conflicting emotions of being desperate for the weekend, but also trying to avoid the ‘living for the weekend’ mentality because wishing your life away is not a good idea.

With all that in mind, I’ve been making a conscious effort over the past couple of months to make use of the weekend evenings to do all the boring things, so that weekends can be enjoyed. Sure, there’s still a bit of the Sunday night dread, but the Friday feeling is also much more apparent when I know we’ve got 2 days to do what we want, rather than what needs to be done. So the cleaning gets done as we go, little bits here and there. The food shop is not quite there yet, but planning out meals and sticking the bit of paper on the kitchen cupboard helps both of us to know what’s going on. On the same bit of paper, we both put down our to-do list for the week (renew car insurance, change bed sheets, revise turtle species, etc..) to tick off as we get through them. So, so simple, and yet such a good way of breaking down the endless drudgery bits of life and get them out of the way.

Over the past few weekends we have enjoyed getting out and about, despite the wind/rain/snow, and visited vintage shops and tea rooms, falconry centres and surf shops. We’ve walked through the snow to the pub and sheltered from the rain on beaches. We’ve eaten lots of cake. We’ve batch cooked vast amounts of soup and watched endless episodes of Lost (I have a lot of Feelings about this show). Some days we haven’t left the flat and other days we’ve been out from morning to night.  And the best thing is that Mondays have become easier, work feels more fun, and I don’t feel quite so trapped in the work-eat-sleep-repeat cycle.

How about you – how do you organise your life?


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