January – a recap

January is over, hooray! The longest month, but we made it through. In an attempt to be a bit more regular at posting on here, I’ve decided to do monthly recaps. Hopefully it will also remind me at the end of the year of everything that has happened! So in January, I…

  • Played 1 netball match. Did not win.
  • Played guitar at church for the first time and it was Very difficult! Maybe if I practise for more than 5 minutes a week it will get easier, who knows.
  • Stuck to my Falmouth half marathon training plan and ran a total of 35 miles – not much for many other runners, but a really high milage for me!
  • Counted calories, and lost a total of 1/2 a pound. I’ve been vaguely ‘low-carbing’ for the past week and dropped 2lb already, so I’ll stick with that for a while
  • Took myself on a beautiful walk from Chapel Porth to St Agnes and back, on a gorgeous wintery day
  • Celebrated a friend’s birthday at a surprisingly good Italian restaurant
  • Had a hilarious night out with my husband, eating terrible steak, drinking red wine, and bopping to a punk band in a very eccentric local pub
  • Started re-watching Lost. And loving it even more than the first time
  • Went to the cinema once, to watch Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Rating: just ok
  • aaand most importantly, bought a new frying pan, in preparation for the best day of the year – Pancake Day!

I think that’s about it..so it wasn’t all bad, just long, so very long.

Here’s to February, when spring will really be showing its colours.


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