Moments from 2017

2017 was a huge year because we finally got married! But that wasn’t the only thing that happened – here’s my reflections on the past 12 months…

The best thing I did…was get married! ‘Best’ doesn’t feel like the right word for it, but it was obviously the highlight of my year/life, with 16 months worth of planning, thousands of pounds and a lot of clotted cream going in to it. The whole day was a blast and having over a hundred of our friends and family in our little corner of Cornwall was truly special.

The most fun thing I did…was spend a (too short) weekend in York for my hen do. I never did get round to writing a post about it but it was a hilarious few days with my favourite women, drinking masses of fizz and eating so much cake we skipped our dinner reservation. And yes, there was plasticine penis modelling, and no, you won’t be seeing those pictures thank you very much.

The weirdest thing I did…was change my name. I thought that I’d mentally prepared myself for this major step-change but in reality, answering the phone to a different name, typing a different email address at work, and having to tell all sorts of random admin people at the doctors and opticians and bank etc that ‘I’m not Adamson anymore’ is a very odd feeling. And I’m still yet to tell the DVLA and energy company and at least 12 other companies but, I’ll get there eventually.

The bravest thing I did…was go kayaking. On the sea. Twice. Once around the Croatian coastline, and once around St Agnes’s coast as part of a wedding present from my brother. I took some serious convincing but it was absolutely worth it, both times, to get to visit spots inaccessible any other way.  It still terrified me, but as long as I didn’t look down into the sea it was surprisingly fun. And a super workout for the upper body because wow, the aches the next day were definitely not as fun.

The scariest moment was…when the cat came home with half a tail. I’ll not go into it here, but if you’re a friend of my husband’s on Facebook then you’ll have seen a rather graphic image of Charlie’s tail resembling a stripped wire. Emergency surgery and a few hundred pounds later he seems to have forgotten it ever happened. And yes, a resolution for 2018 is to look into pet insurance…

My favourite moment…happened late on our wedding day, when we’d been kicked out of the reception venue (strict curfew), most of the guests had gone home, and Paul and I, along with the most hardened of partiers, took a couple of leftover bottles of fizz down onto the beach. We sat, in the pitch dark, staring at the stars, chugging cheap cava, smoking cigars and listening to the Lighthouse Family (don’t ask, I have no answers) until maybe 2am. We couldn’t have planned a better end to the day.

Something I learnt was…to stop comparing our lives to that of those around us. This year in particular, it feels like everyone we know has been having children, buying houses and going on amazing holidays, while we’ve been getting skinter than ever. But we’re on our own journey and enjoying the life we’re living! We have a plan, and this is the season we;re in. The season of working hard, saving hard, and setting the foundations of the rest of our lives.

Some other highlights, in no particular order:

  • the day after our wedding, after the clear up, when we opened our cards and gifts and were overwhelmed with the love and generosity poured out
  • gaining a niece, and a nephew!
  • Paul being offered an unconditional place at a Russell Group university
  • running a 10km with friends old and new, in memory of a dear friend’s late mum
  • carol singing in my parents’ front room, with dad on the piano and niece #1 dancing around doing a remarkable impression of Iggy Pop
  • joining a netball team and playing my first competitive match. And losing, 74 – 7.
  • running through the streets of York at 12:50am to get a hot pork bap before the shop shut. Then carrying on the night and ending up in the grimmest indie bar in all the land.

So 2018, you’ve got a lot to live up to, but I think I’m ready for whatever you may bring.



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