Hello, life

Oof, long time no see. I’m writing posts but not finishing them, leaving them languishing in the drafts folder until they gather digital dust and I can’t remember what the point of them was…

Since I last posted, I’ve been busy! My least favourite state, but this is a busy period of life. We managed to get married, and have not one, but two fantastic wedding parties. We had a lot of fun with visiting friends and family. We went to Croatia on honeymoon and I managed to read 4 books in a week. We went on a trip to Seal Island and saw..seals. Paul finished college and had his university application accepted. We’ve dealt with a flea infestation and ant invasion and watched a lot of Netflix. But this is life as young(ish) professional(ish) millennials and so we mustn’t complain. Even if I have taken to napping far more frequently than I’d prefer, and let’s not discuss my sugar consumption.

What we haven’t been doing, is exploring much more of Cornwall. Short of visiting a couple of new restaurants and cafes, our weekends have been spent close to home and while we can partly blame this on the above list, and the very changeable weather we’ve had so far this summer, it does mean my big long list of ‘things to do this summer’ is looking rather neglected. With our weekends in August already getting booked up with fun things (a flying visit to Plymouth, a gaming weekend in Wales) and not so fun things (work  work work), it may have to become a ‘things to do before Christmas’ list. But that’s ok, as September and October always seem to see a huge improvement in the weather, and the bulk of the tourists will have left, leaving the roads and beaches far emptier for us locals.

And I know, we should make the most of weekday evenings and not live for the weekends, but when you leave the house before 8 and don’t get back til after 6, and have a needy (noisy) cat, and try to exercise a couple times a week, and stay on top of cleaning and cooking and all the general life admin, it’s just a bit hard, y’know? I count myself doing well if I manage a midweek cinema trip, and only last week missed a pizza night with my church ladies after falling asleep immediately after coming in from work…

Something I can do during the week without expending too much energy is write. Or type. And so I’m determined to get through this backlog of posts I want to finish, because I’m sure you all want to know how to put on a wedding for 130 guests on a tight budget, and just how many cats we saw in York on my hen do, and just how incredible Croatia is, and reviews of the 10+ books I’ve got through in recent months. So there’s a bit of incentive for me, and something to look forward to for you. See you soon, promise.

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