So long, 2016

Oh 2016. You’re going down in the history books as a bad one, you know that? I mean, sure there was no world war, no economic crash, but there was definitely a shift, and as far as I’m concerned, a shift backwards. The future is looking rather scary and shaky, but as mother said over Christmas, “heads down and get on with it”…

Thankfully, in a year when I cried over David Bowie, Victoria Wood, Leonard Cohen, Jo Cox MP, and Brexit, 2016 treated me pretty well. Let’s have a look:

  • I completed a major goal in running a flipping marathon, and discovered that actually no, it wasn’t ‘fun’ but rather 6 hours of pain and frustration. But anyway.
  • I got settled in at work and have made some really great pals at that place, which makes 40 hours a week fly by. Plus I get to do some fun stuff, like sing with shanty singers and dress up as a deer.
  • We went to 4 weddings! There’s not much nicer than seeing the most public celebration of love and each one made me even more excited for our own, in just 5 months time! Speaking of which…
  • We made a good start on wedding planning and so far have a church, a reception venue, food and somewhere to stay. We sent some cute save the dates and beautiful invitations and it is so exciting to see RSVPs dropping through the letterbox.
  • Paul left full-time work and started full-time education in September. This has been a challenging and interesting time as we’ve attempted to adapt to 1 income and having him in the house most days instead of being on the same schedule. Grades have been good so far so it looks like it was the right decision to make!
  • We travelled a little bit, no big holidays but a few weekends away to Wells, Dorset and London and got to see the legendary Beach Boys at the stunning Royal Albert Hall. What an experience that was!

So overall, 2016 was a year where nothing particularly massive happened, but it was altogether pretty great. My only negative would be the sheer number of hours we spent on the M5/M6 – less driving in 2017 please!

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