Oh, October

Time just keeps on keeping on, doesn’t it? September was ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ and went by in a whirl of work, work, running, and a bit more work. It’s a busy time, and alongside Paul starting college and picking up as many dj (and other) jobs he can, we’ve not been doing a massive amount other than, well, getting on with it.

The arrival of autumn has also meant that SAD has hit me like a ton of bricks, and it’s everything I can do not to crawl into bed each evening and stay there. It’s barely light when I get up in the morning and there’s only an hour or so of daylight left when I get home. Exercise has ground to a halt and I’m instead spending my free time reading and becoming hopelessly addicted to Gilmore Girls on Netflix; rather embarrassingly have started dreaming that I, too, am a resident of the bucolic Star’s Hollow…

The running streak I so hoped for through September rather fizzled out, and while I am frustrated with myself for not sticking with it, I’m all the more aware that forcing myself to do exercise leads to feelings of guilt and inadequacy and comparisons with others…so I am enjoying a time of rest, hibernating away, and attempting to embrace the inevitable podgy-ness that will accompany me through the next seasons. It’s barely dropped below 15 degrees and I’m already bundled up in jumpers and scarves – is it too late to fly south for the winter?

One interesting development – I have found a book club! A local craft shop runs all sorts of workshops and events and once a month a book club. I found out about it much too late for September’s, but am ready and prepared with my copy of Treasure Island for October. Thank goodness for Kindle’s ‘free classics’!

I have all sorts of draft posts waiting to be written up so I shall make more of an effort to post regularly – I can see at least one of you is checking up here every few days, and I’ve got to keep my audience happy..!

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