Hello September

It’s a cliche that September is a time for fresh starts but it’s oh so true. New Year’s Resolutions are long-forgotten and it’s too early to think about next year’s, but as the seasons change and we settle back into ‘normality’ after a lazy, hazy summer, now is the time to sharpen our pencils, pull out the wooly jumpers and Be Productive.

This year more than ever our household is feeling this as Paul starts back in education after a 15 year break. He’s passed his maths GCSE and will be joining an Access to Science course; a one year intensive level 3 course which will (fingers crossed) give him the skills, knowledge, and all importantly UCAS points to go to university. So he’s got his pencil case, notepad and scientific calculator and is raring to go.

For me, I’m only three years out of university and have already finished one postgrad certificate, so although for now I’m quite glad to not have any coursework deadlines looming, not having anything lined up does leave me feeling somewhat like I’ve forgotten something or that I’m missing out on opportunities (I just like learning ok leave me alone) (education is cool).

So, instead of an Intellectual Challenge I have decided to put myself on a fitness challenge instead. As is well documented by this blog, I’ve been struggling to stick to a running routine and so I hereby declare that in September I shall Run Every Day.

You heard it – 30 days of running. A minimum of 1 mile, because if I can’t spare 10 minutes out of my day then there really is a problem, and no maximum. It would be nice to get some double digits in there but realistically, I’m aiming to run 50 miles over the month.

What am I hoping to achieve? Well, I’d really like to lose 5lbs to be perfectly honest and running a little bit every day seems a lot easier than giving up cake. I’d also like to prove to myself that I can stick to something like this; I’ve never managed to follow a training plan to the end but this is so simple that surely, surely I can’t fail…

Alongside this I’ll be supporting Paul as he partakes in a ‘dryathalon’, aka a month with no booze! No lager, no ale, no wine and certainly no rum. I like to think that this won’t be a challenge for me but I’m sure that come the middle of the month the shiraz will be singing its siren song. But we shall be strong, we shall be sober, we shall be fit and healthy and not boozy lazy slobs. Not for September, at least.

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