Life after the marathon

Isn’t it funny, how relative time is? For instance, the 40 hours a week I spend at my desk seem like far, far more, and yet the 12 weeks since the marathon have disappeared with barely a blink.

I was in considerable pain after the race, and found out the hard way that my body does not enjoy co-codomol as a pain relief (rather than floating on a cloud, I found myself nauseous, lethargic and horror-of-horrors, with no appetite). All the running forums recommend a solid two weeks of rest before getting back to normal, which I did, plus another two. It was another fortnight before I made it to the gym, by which time I’d forgotten how to make myself sweat.

When you make public your running, either through self-publicising every training run or hounding people on social media for sponsorship, then people want to talk about it all the time. Which is fair enough at the time, but the guilt has grown with every well-meaning “how’s the running going?” question that comes my way…

It’s going, is my answer. I’m currently averaging less than 5 miles a week, and those miles that I do grind out are slow, painful, and humbling. There’s no one to blame for this than myself, but I’m pleased to report that since starting to write this blog post (ahem, two weeks ago) things are getting back to normal, and I’m committed to at least four weeks of solid training before the Indian Queens half marathon. This will be my 6th one! And quite probably the last race I’ll do in Cornwall, as I think I’ve exhausted all of the options that appeal to me and quite frankly have no desire to do them again.

So until August the 7th, I will be getting re-acquainted with my old friends, the kettlebells, and forcing myself outdoors at least 3 times a week. Now the weather is picking up and the evenings are long, I’d also like to do some training runs along the north coast path, keeping an eye out for dolphins along the way…

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