The Secret Garden Cafe, Truro

Update 21st June…I’ve just found out that the owners have decided to sell up, so the Secret Garden Cafe is no more! Now I’m really regretting not going back for another one of their salted caramel brownies…

I’ve been suffering from a lingering cold recently which, in addition to sapping me of energy, has left me feeling like I need to replenish my body with goodness, rather than the white bread and sugary snacks that I all too easily fall into the trap of relying on.

This weekend we were already planning on heading to Truro for a spot of suit shopping, so it was an ideal time to try out a place that had popped up on my radar (i.e., Facebook), The Secret Garden Cafe. To be honest, it was the beautiful pictures of incredible looking cakes and desserts that caught my eye, but the vibrant, bright salads and veggie dishes also looked delicious, and good enough to even convince Paul, a committed carnivore, to visit.

Right in the centre of town and super convenient if you’re using the Langarth Park & Ride, the cafe itself is surprisingly large inside, and we were offered the chance to sit in their very own garden but opted to avoid the incoming rain. The décor is vintage-chic, I’d say, all patterned wallpaper and sturdy wooden tables. Locally ground coffee from Yallah is on offer as well as a wide variety of teas and soft drinks. We were quickly presented with the menu, which was concise, with a choice of quesadilla, soufflé, quiche or fritatta, all served with a selection of interesting and vibrant salads. We arrived at around 2pm and the quiche was already sold out – a good sign!

Paul went for the quesadilla which came stuffed full of roasted vegetables and cheese, and served alongside sour cream and guacamole dips. Judging by the speed at which it disappeared, I’d say it was a hit. I am unable to resist anything with goat’s cheese in, so went for the goat’s cheese and sweet potato frittata with the salads. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but my homemade efforts at frittatas are never this light and fluffy. It was absolutely delicious, but I have to say that the salads almost stole the show! A leafy green one, topped with a tasty dressing and sesame seeds, a freekeh (which I canNOT say without cringing) and grapefruity one, and a morrocany one with chickpeas and raisins. Yum!

If all of that sounds rather too healthy, do not fear, we tried out the cakes too. In fact, Paul got quite panicky thinking that the last slice of lemon and poppyseed would disappear before we could order, as we had already watched the last of the mini lemon meringue tarts go to a good home. He got his cake in the end, and I had a salted caramel brownie…do I even need to describe how good it was? Especially since I waited until we got home and heated it up slightly, and served with thick plain yoghurt.

I’m already trying to think of any possible reason to head to Truro this weekend for another of those brownies, but unfortunately/not at all unfortunately, it’s the St Ives Food & Drink Festival instead – the first food festival we visited when we moved down in 2014, and where I ate my very first oyster, so we are very excited to visit again. And I’ll try and remember to take some photos to share!

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