Marathon training – less than 2 weeks to go, and tapering

My knee is unfortunately still not quite right, so my goal of reaching 20+ miles in training has gone right out of the window and instead I am focusing on shorter runs, more cross training and as much stretching and foam-rolling as possible. I managed 12 miles the week after the Super Serious Run which left me limping for two days, so I’ve definitely been erring on the side of caution!

In the last 2 weeks I’ve only run 4 times for a maximum of 6 miles. Not ideal, but now I’m into the last 14 days there’s not a whole lot more to be done. Last night was a 4 mile jaunt around the industrial estates of Redruth, during which I got caught in the most painful hail shower! Note to self: get hard hat…

I’ve not got a lot more to update. We head north next Wednesday night so I’m going to aim for 6+ miles this weekend and then a couple of 2-3 mile jogs in the week to shake my legs out. Training hasn’t gone entirely to plan but then I never really expected it to, and I’ve stuck to my schedule about as much as I expected, running around 3x a week. Marathon training is no joke, and takes a huge amount of mental energy let alone the physical toil. But I’m looking forward to the race itself (remind me of that at mile 20) and the extended mini-break we’re turning it into. The pre- and post-race restaurants are booked, spectators have been sent a map of where I’ll be at certain times (how’s that for motivation to keep moving) and I have my eye on a new handbag that I’m sure is just waiting for me in Selfridges…and of course, the pride of wearing that medal!

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