Mindless Indulgence – Beauty Boxes

Let’s not mess about with this, beauty boxes are absolutely an indulgence, but there’s just something so intoxicating about getting a box full of treats delivered straight to your door. Birchbox, Glossybox and the like have been around for a few years now and the subscription box trend is booming, with random boxes of everything you could dream of every month, hassle free, brightening your day and giving you the chance to discover new or different brands and products without the effort of actually, y’know, going to the shops.

I’ve never committed to a full subscription as there’s only so many miniature shampoos and conditioners one can get through, and as a minimalist at heart the idea of more and more stuff arriving every 4 weeks just makes me anxious. But every now and again, usually inspired by reading a blog review of the contents, I order one. So far I’ve tried Glossybox, Birchbox and Boudoir Prive (which then became Joliebox, which then became Birchbox..it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there) as well as a food version called Degustabox, but that’s a whole other post. Last Summer I discovered Latest in Beauty, which creates themed ‘collections’, rather than random selections of products, and ordered a Summer themed box curated by Glamour magazine. It was a bit more spendy than a usual box at around £18 if I remember right. This was well worth it though as it included several full sized products such as sunscreen, bronzer, perfume and shower foam.

Anyway, all of this is a long-winded justification of why I found myself on the Latest in Beauty website last week, ordering not only the latest Glamour-curated box, but also a ‘Pure and Simple’ box, full of products free from nasty chemicals and all those things that make us look and smell delicious but are probably killing us from the inside.

Both boxes arrived last weekend along with an extra free gift of an emery board, MorrocanOil conditioner and Pixi lip stain, rather bizarrely wrapped in a jiffy bag. The boxes themselves are sturdy and perfect for re-purposing, and the contents come packed in shredded paper and wrapped in tissue paper, so it really is like unwrapping a present to yourself. And therein lies the appeal! But I can’t help thinking that if you had one arriving every month, would it lose its shine? (Probably not, but that’s what I’m telling myself.)

I won’t do a full review of the contents because a) it is going to take me the next 3 months to get through it all and b) I can’t be bothered attempting to take even half decent pictures and also c) many, many more people have already done so, so a quick google can help you out if you are really that curious. But I do think that they can be really great value, if you look around and find the right beauty box for you, especially if you get overwhelmed in Boots and the like (or live in a small town miles away from a proper shopping centre…). If beauty isn’t your thing, then you could always try My Geek Box, Not Another Bill, or Papergang…there really is something for everyone. What a world we live in!



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