Marathon training – 6 weeks to go

I’ve got a good week’s training for you, what a shocker!

After last week’s half marathon I was pretty sore, especially in my quads (thanks hills) and hips, as well as just general muscle fatigue, so I started the week with a couple of treadmill miles, followed by a fantastic 4 miles on Thursday. Some days everything just feels great, and this was one of them! Yes it was on the treadmill, but I felt strong, even when ramping up the speed to a whopping 10.5km p/h…

Saturday’s long run was due to be 15 miles which I had meticulously planned as an out and back from Devoran along the Bissoe Trail. I was actually really looking forward to it as it’s not a trail I’d been on before and I always like exploring new places. However, the trail runs alongside a very full river, and I was stopped in my tracks after less than 2 miles by a flooded path. Sad faces all round. This put me off my stride rather but rather than give up completely, I ran wherever I could find, up and down lanes, around Devoran quay, on the river bed (?!) until my Garmin beeped 8 miles.


Ahh it is so beautiful and peaceful down there, especially early on a Saturday! I’m looking forward to going back and exploring more of the Bissoe Trail, but maybe I’ll start from Portreath next time…

On Sunday I’m running the entire length of the Camel Trail, and the furthest I have ever run ever ever, how exciting!

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