Marathon training – 7 weeks to go and a race recap!

This week’s training report comes along with a bonus race recap, as this morning I took part in the Cornwall Fire & Rescue Half Marathon. I say ‘took part’ as I don’t think you can describe what I did today as ‘running’…definitely more of an amble around the grounds of Lanhydrock!

The week before last was great in terms of training; I managed three shorter runs during the week and then 10 miles last Saturday at a really great pace. However this week was pretty non-existent, tiredness got the best of me and I didn’t get to the gym at all. So I went into today’s race with quite a lot of apprehension but also determination, as time is marching on and it’s time to start getting a lot more miles in my legs ready for the marathon.

The race today started from Bodmin College and took us around the trails for two loops round Lanhydrock park. I was not prepared for how hilly it was going to be; here is the elevation chart from my garmin to prove that I wasn’t just being a wimp…


Needless to say, I didn’t PR! But it also wasn’t the slowest half I’ve ever done, but I can’t say it was much fun. In fact, I came very close to limping my way to the nearest marshall to get taxied to the finish. BUT I did not, well done me, and managed to complete my sixth half marathon 🙂

For the next two weeks I’m going to focus on cross-training, stretching and recovery before running the entire Camel Trail on Mother’s Day!

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