Marathon training – 12 weeks to go!

When I signed up for the Greater Manchester Marathon back in summer, I quickly started researching training plans and wrote myself up a detailed 16 week plan, taking parts from all over and making sure I’d be getting in some speed work as well as the all important ‘long slow run’ every week. This had me scheduled to start training on the 21st December…

Well I’m sure you can imagine what has happened. Christmas, New Year, two weeks off work and then back in to a new job has left me rather out of sync and off-plan. Add to that my usual tendency of simply not being very good at sticking with training plans, and the dark, cold, rainy winter evenings and well…I’m off plan.

This Sunday however, I managed to get out there for my first proper long run of the season. 7 miles on the mineral trails that surround Redruth in some chilly and showery, but otherwise not too bad, weather. My hips/knees/ankles are reminding me why consistency is key! I’m sure had I been following my plan properly then I wouldn’t still be hobbling around 2 days later.

This weekend calls for a long run of 8-9 miles, so until then I’m going to stretch, foam roll, and do a couple of short runs during the week, and hopefully everything will be plain sailing!

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