Redruth Pasty Festival 2015

To my great delight, we discovered last summer that Redruth is home to the International Mining and Pasty Festival, a weekend dedicated to the area’s heritage and history and the perfect opportunity to a) learn some interesting stuff about our new hometown and b) eat as many meat and veg filled suet pastries as possible.

Now I have to confess, I’m far more interested in the pasty day than any of the other activities that go on over the weekend, but next year I absolutely intend to get involved with more activities on Sunday, which is the mining focused day. Cornwall has such an interesting and rich heritage in mining, which was taken all over the world, in particular to Mexico!

This relationship with Mexico means that there are some appropriately themed pasties on offer; Posh Pasty Company had some delicious spicy bean and pork pasties, served with a sweet pepper dip, which we enjoyed with a smaller, shredded chicken pasty which I wish I could remember the name of! We also shared a ‘pacabanger’ – alpaca sausages from a lovely couple from Hendra Farm, a stall we’d seen last year but after already trying far too many other treats…it may not be a regular on my dinner table but I have to say, alpaca meat is absolutely delicious, lean and full of flavour.

Again, I failed to get many pictures and the only ones I did take were of chef Sanjay Kumar, who led a very entertaining and educational demo where he made a pasty-samosa hybrid and told tales of his journeys, cooking all over the world!

The pasty festival is an absolute treat and even though this year seemed a little quieter than last, it’s definitely a highlight on my calendar. This weekend is the Great Cornish Food Festival in Truro, and I’ll make sure to take my camera this time!

wpid-20150912_125754.jpg wpid-20150912_125801.jpg

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