Secret finds: Mack’s Fish & Steak Bar, Redruth

Shockingly enough, we don’t actually eat fish & chips all that often, but save it for very special occasions/emergencies. One such emergency being a Friday night with not much food in the fridge and not much time!

Tonight was one such night so I nipped up the road to Mack’s Fish & Steak Bar – the name has intrigued me for a while but we’ve never been in. It looks like a regular chippy from the outside, but has a restaurant towards the back, and both areas were pretty busy at 5:30 on a Friday. The menu includes the classics as well as some more interesting additions: steak (obviously), ribs, chicken, jacket potatoes! We went for a very traditional cod, chips x2, curry sauce, and some cod bites, which came to around £10.

I’m afraid the reason this post doesn’t have any photos is because, well, we wolfed it down. Extra crispy chips and very generous portions of fish made P proclaim it ‘the best fish and chips ever!’ and if that isn’t high praise then I don’t know what is.  I’m not sure what else I can add, other than I am very happy indeed that we decided to be lazy!

(Other fish’n’chip shops we like are Morrish’s, also in Redruth, which is more of a sit-in restaurant, and Janner’s down in Mousehole, and I can’t think of anywhere more perfect to eat your fish supper than sitting on the harbour wall.)

Where’s your favourite chippy? I’m always open to suggestions…


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