Potluck Cornwall @ The Brig, Falmouth

Isn’t Twitter great? It’s thanks to Twitter that I found out about Potluck Cornwall, a foodie networking group that puts on ‘chat and eat’ nights, where you can get to know people and eat great food. Sounds good to me!

A month or so ago I found my way to Potluck via Barefoot Cornwall‘s monthly food blog, and discovered that the next event was being held at a new bar called The Brig, in Falmouth. When I mentioned to P that it was a pirate themed, rum and bbq bar, well…he couldn’t book tickets fast enough!

We roped in another couple and headed down on a Wednesday evening. We were almost the first ones there and were welcomed to the underground tavern with a complementary rum cocktail. Immediately in the pirate mood, we set about examining the cocktail menu, fantastically packaged in an antique-looking leather bound book. Very exciting!

The bar quickly filled up and the evening started with everyone introducing themselves. There was a real mix of ages and occupations and we were quickly chatting with people around the room. Owner of The Brig, whose name I have absolutely forgotten (blame the rum…) gave us a quick talk on how it had come to be and then we were left to chat while we waited for the food. Oh, the food!! Included in our ticket price was the equivalent of a sharing platter between the four of us, and we devoured it as soon as it hit the table (again, blame the rum): slow cooked lamb, rum and raisin ribs, sweet potato fries, thai crabcakes, spicy wings…possibly not the place for vegetarians, but incredibly delicious.

As we finished off the food, the owner gave us a talk on the origins of rum and we all had a taster of a Jamaican blend. I’m not a fan of rum myself, but it was really interesting to hear about how it’s made and why it can cost hundreds a bottle, it’s all to do with the barrel you see! We ended the night with a Q&A and another cocktail (highly recommend the bramble), before stumbling off into the night. Thank goodness for designated drivers, eh.

It was a really great night and although a bit pricier than an average Wednesday evening (we paid £17.50 pp) it was great to do something different, and to meet some new people. We’ve missed the latest Potluck events but have been back to The Brig on a Saturday night, and I’m keeping an eye out for our next ‘chat and eat’!

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